Adopt – “Do not breed or buy while shelter pets die!”

The good news….breeding and buying dogs are on the decline. We are even more thrilled that the perceptions of those who do not adopt are not only negative, but are increasingly considered irresponsible.

It all comes down to saving a life. Go out to make a difference. When you adopt… will ask, “Who rescued who?” You will give a new leash on life to animals, through no fault of their own, have become homeless.


Our adoption fee is $250 per animal.

The fist step to the adoption process is to fill out the Two Tailz Adoption Application – our application requires a home visit, veterinarian references (for any current or past pets in the household), and personal references. Current pets in the home must be spayed/neutered, up to date on all vaccines and on heart worm, and flea & tick preventative. The home visit will be conducted to insure that the pets have a safe and comfortable environment with plenty of exercise opportunities. F enced yards are preferred, but exceptions are made according to the applicant’s plan for exercise and potty breaks. Absolutely NO chaining or tethering is allowed – NO EXCEPTIONS. Two Tailz takes every precaution when adopting out our rescues, including temper-testing for compatibility with children and other dogs/cats.

Upon approval of an adoption, there will be an Adoption Agreement that will need to be signed. Part of the Adoption Agreement states that if a situation arises where you can no longer keep or care for your adopted dog, you MUST return the dog to Two Tailz Rescue.

If you would like to adopt a dog from us, please complete our online Adoption Application.

So Many Reasons to ADOPT!!!

These are a zillion reasons to Adopt, below are just a few…

  • You can save a life. Almost 6 MILLION (yes, million) animals are euthanized in shelters across the country each year. When you adopt an animal from a shelter or rescue group you save a life.
  • You will not be supporting puppy mills and those who breed animals irresponsibly or for money. The math is simple = millions of animals are euthanized each year because too many animals are born each year. Breeders who breed animals for money further add to the pet overpopulation and, therefore, to euthanasia rates.
  • Many of the animals are already house trained and may have some socialization and formal training. They are on their best behavior!
  • There are purebred animals at shelters and rescue groups who specialize in specific breeds. Approximately 20% of the animals at shelters and rescue groups are purebreds.
  • You will be an example to others, particularly your kids. Many people do not realize that there are so many loving and adoptable animals in shelters and in the care of local rescue groups. By adopting a homeless animal you become an integral part of the ‘green/sustainable’ movement.
  • You can find the best friend that you want! There are millions of animals in shelters across the country and in rescue groups – one that is perfect for you.
  • Spaying and neutering are often done before adoption. Rescue groups will have their animals spayed/neutered before adoption as an important step in preventing pet overpopulation. Most breeders never spay or neuter their animals before adoption, contributing to the overpopulation and euthanasia problem.
  • Understanding the Pure Bred Paradox! Purebred dogs frequently suffer from the effects of inbreeding; and while purebred dogs are coveted for their beauty, there are many problems that come with a pure lineage. Breeders will use dogs from the same family gene pool to create more dogs (inbreeding) – the risk of genetic defects rises significantly with each successive coupling, including a higher risk of cancer and tumors; eye and heart disease; joint and bone disorders; skin, immune system and neurological diseases; and even epilepsy.
  • Unconditional Love – There’s Nothing Like the Thankful heart and soul of a Rescued Dog!

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