The Two Tailz Rescue logo was inspired by this picture of two of our Founder’s dogs, Wrinkles and Tala, both of whom have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Our Founder

Two Tailz Rescue, Inc is run by Carolyn O’Brien and her 4-legged children.

The Two Tailz Rescue pack leader, Murphy, often assists in many rescue missions, as he is an ambassador to all dogs.

The story behind the inception of Two Tailz Rescue is one worth reading. An interview with Carolyn, our Founder.

Q: How Did Your Love of Animals Begin?

A: When I was 5yrs old, my Aunt Georgia-Kate (my Dad’s sister) and Dalt (who I called “Uncle Dalt”), who, next to my parents, were the light of my life. They were both shot to death in their home as were their 2 dogs early one Sunday morning. They walked in on what they thought was a robbery, and My Aunt Georgia Kate and Uncle Dalt were both shot in the back – my Aunt was found positioned over her 2 dogs, clearly trying to save her dogs who were also shot and killed. I knew then that the love my Aunt had for those dogs was immeasurable that she would give her life to try and save them. That had a significant impact on my life and the value of animals. I’ve loved animals my whole life – I was blessed to have a family who accepted all of the homeless and/or injured animals I brought home. I grew up with at least 3-4 dogs and other animals I made sure had a good home in our house!

Q: Did They Find the People Who Killed Your Aunt and Uncle Dalt and their Dogs?

A: Yes. Because my Uncle Dalt was a Sherriff, President Carter actually sent in a special FBI team to help solve the case. It took months, but ultimately, the two men who killed them and their dogs were arrested, convicted, and spent 30 years in jail. My Dad attended all of their parole hearings to ensure they served their full sentences and often mentioned the cross-over brutality of killing the dogs then my Aunt and Uncle.

Q: How Did You Get into Rescue?

A: People often ask me that, and the answer is, “I didn’t find rescue….it found me.” I never thought or imagined I would own my own rescue organization. I became increasingly frustrated with incredibly wonderful dogs who were treated less than humanely, those left homeless by no fault of their own, and even more infuriated by dogs who got “left behind” on death row in the shelters by other rescues, I realized the best way to make a difference is to be able to run a rescue where I help mitigate the situations mentioned above. I have a huge heart for dogs who are alone and scared on the streets, senior dogs, and those forgotten in shelters who don’t get drafted in the first or second round of adoption or rescue.

Q: What is the Most Rewarding Thing(s) About Rescue?

A: There are so many spoken and unspoken rewards of rescuing animals. I LOVE to see the look in the eyes of a rescued pet! To offset so much apathy in our society and save these sweet souls is beyond rewarding. The pure joy of experiencing their incredible transformation(s) from scared and confused to thriving and happy, giving them a chance to be loved, lifting their spirits and their tails, and seeing their true personalities emerge after they finally realize they are truly loved and cared about is more than rewarding to me. Many of our rescue dogs make transformations that are no short of miraculous – one example being one of my personal dogs, Derby, who was used as a bait dog in a dog fighting ring. Now, 3yrs later, he is one of the happiest, most loving, sweetest dogs you could ever imagine. Those types of outcomes are not without a significant amount of time, energy, patience, and financial resources….but so worth it! We are all born with the ability to change someone’s life and leave this world a better place – no one should waste that. Two Tailz is all about making this world a better place one rescued dog at a time.

Q: What is the Hardest Thing About Rescue?

A: Unfortunately, there is not just one thing – this list is a long one. To hear the heartbreaking stories of neglect, abuse, coupled with the sheer indifference of a large part of our society for animals in need of help is unimaginable. For some reason, much of our society seems to perceive a pet as disposable – they want to get rid of them when they become inconvenient or even more disturbing, when they become seniors. I despise when I see an dog chained outside or in a crate outside for most of its life – I don’t understand why people at that point want to even have a dog. A pet is a part of a family and should be treated as such.

We receive hundreds of emails a day for dogs in need. To see the look in the eyes of those of dogs whose time is up, and euthanization is imminent is tough. People forget about dogs in shelters who sit and wait in a 2×4 ‘cell’ confused and hoping that they are taken to be adopted and not to be killed. It is harder to know that most of the eyes in the pictures we are sent will be euthanized. The fear, uncertainty and confusion in their eyes stays with me. We don’t have the resources to save them all, but we do the best we can. The ones we do rescue will ALWAYS live better than those who disposed/neglected and and will always get the best that life has to offer.

And lastly, one of the most frustrating things in rescue are hearing the stories of people who still continue to breed and buy animals. It only adds to the overpopulation problem, and increases the killing of sweet souls in shelters. More infuriating are those people who buy a dog, then call a rescue group to say….”I just can’t take care of this dog anymore” – they didn’t have a clue as to the responsibility and accountability associated with owning a pet, particularly a purebred. Their biggest concern is how to get rid of the dog so they can get back to their own life and not have the ‘problem’ anymore. The situations from which we rescue dogs feeds my desire to always, without exception, ensure that our rescue dogs live better, happier, joy-filled lives than those who discarded, neglected, or abused them.

Q: Any Last Thoughts?

Many people live their lives with their heads in the sand, thinking that if they don’t know about the dogs in need of help and those that sit in shelters day after day, they don’t have to be bothered or accountable to do anything about it. We are all accountable to leave this earth better than when we entered it. I am clear about my purpose here – simply, to help save and care for “the least of these.” I and Two Tailz Rescue will do this as long as we are able.

Revolution, Nexgard, Heartgard, Bravecto, Drontal, Stronghold and Advocate.